About Marina Shiraishi

Marina Shiraishi Marina Shiraishi (Japanese: 白石茉莉奈) is a Japanese film actress, singer, and AV idol.

Name Cup B/W/H Height
Marina Shiraishi,白石茉莉奈 G Cup 90-60-90 cm 154cm

2016 Work

  • Shiraishi Mariana aphrodisiac hypnotrans big screaming sex (January 21)
  • Shiraishi Mariana special cumene massive bukkake semen covered with intense Ikitrans (February 18)
  • Shiraishi Mariana Take a 12-point ejaculation on a day trip Yari Ikachai hot spring trip (March 17)
  • Shiraishi Mariana 29 year old girls high school boy is fucked for sexual desire treatment for adolescent boys school students who are known to have a lonely AV girl who is AV actress (April 21)
  • Shiraishi Mariana gets banged … Exposure Inverse Nan restraint consecutive turns persuasive shame SEX (May 26)
  • Only the woman who does not know about the 10th anniversary is damaged! Mr. Shiraishi Mariana in the world ’s largest mega - cipo pounding forced blowjob / continuous bukkake / soap play / restraint fuck (June 9, DANDY)
  • One day my wife!? Mariana Shiraishi will visit Takao’s home (June 23)
  • Shiraishi Mina Rina Nyukiri G Cup Too Fitness Fitness Wife (July 21)
  • Shiraishi Mariana Meat sensual and raw serious juice Gonzo 4 production (August 18)
  • Mariana Shiraishi Ultra-high-grade Nama cum shot Wings Ring Club (September 22)
  • Masanori Shiraishi Masashi carnivorous wife consolidation included closed-door training (October 20)
  • Shiraishi Mariana son ’s classmate riding in reverse rape race pressing (scheduled for November 23)

2015 Work

  • Shiraishi Mariana ’s overflowing love juice, saliva, sweat body fluid covered with dampness’ Juice SEX’ (January 22)
  • Mrs. Shiraishi Married wife Tight criminal female (February 19)
  • Shiraishi Mariana Absolute Geisha Sensitive Iki Cock 13,688 Piston (March 19)
  • Shiraishi Marikina I want to be fucked … I ride on the bus with obscene underwear Chiseless desire to change my wife (April 23)
  • Mariana Shiraishi with the highest grace and beauty became a mother of you If you love love Love life (May 21)
  • Mariana Shiraishi first bid lifting ban (June 18)
  • Shiraishi Mariana A dense blowjob keeps intimidating while keeping himself fucking hard (July 23)
  • Mr. Shiraishi Mariana thick belokis esthetic esthetic (August 20)
  • Shuriishi Mariki Negro Megachi ○ Shouting at the Po, Chi, Iki Maku FUCK (September 24)
  • Increase. Mariana Shiraishi (October 22)
  • Magic Mirror Is Equal !! Complete Gachinko Amateur Tomoshi Inserting First Experience is Reversal 3P of Two Ultimate Female! Intense W Cast Special! Co-starring: Tachibana Harumi(November 19, Idea Pocket)
  • DIGITAL CHANNEL Co-starring: Tachibana Harumi(November 26)
  • Shiraishi Mariana Pregnancy Crying inside SEX Feeling in the uterus (February 24)

2014 Work

  • Nasty 27-year-old kiss and blowjob and nipples responsible and thick sexual intercourse Mariina Shiraishi (January 9)
  • Shiraishi Mariana Fainting so much Ikasarette (February 6)
  • I will help masturbate Shiraishi Mariana (March 6)
  • Mr. Shiraishi Mariana mother-in-law Rape my mom is a nice treatment pet (April 10)
  • Shiraishi Marikana Nozawa hot spring trip (May 10)
  • Shiraishi Mariana sensation esthetic × full course (June 5)
  • Soft On Demand Thanks to you, we will soon make a full description of the 20th anniversary commemorative film AV fan’s enthusiasm of the legendary planning film, all over the week with the luxurious S class woman competition!Other appearances: Kamakura Mana , Furukawa Iori, Kagawa Rurika, Sakura Hana, Otsuki Akira, Umetsu Nozomi, Arimura Chika, Kitagawa Hitomi ※ AV OPEN 2014 Super Heavy Entry Work(July 1)
  • Shiraishi Mariana A motherfucker girlfriend ’s shameless lesson held a weakness (July 10)
  • Keeping inserted from morning till evening Chi ○ Pole gangbang Shiraishi Mariana (August 7)
  • Natural High 15th Anniversary Commemorative Work This is a rumorous medicine swimsuit model screaming 10 consecutive FUCK Shiraishi Mariina (September 6, Natural High)
  • Shiraishi Mariko Hikaru Night, being fucked by his father … Mutsuki sex covered in body fluid (September 25)
  • SOD Group 21 Manufacturer’s complete set of filming guide VOL.2 Not for sale(October 9)
  • Sexual beauty treatment × triple course 3P launch SP co-starring with Mr. Kurakura, Iori Furukawa
  • Masanori Shiraishi × Natural high Mamachari premature ejaculation wife who gave birth to sensitivity suddenly after giving birth to SODstar Ver. The abnormal 5 - day (October 23, Natural High)
  • Shiraishi Mariana An obscene waist and a nasty big butt again Squirrels’ knuckle nose position (November 20)
  • Hot spring hot spring with Shiraishi Mariko (December 20)

2013 Work

  • The entertainer Mariana Shiraishi AV Debut (June 6)
  • Husband entertainer Shiraishi Mariana Husband and her married insanitary trip with children (July 6)
  • Hurriedly excited! Body of a sensitive mother who screams many times with a cheek other than a husband Mami Shiraishi (August 8)
  • The entertainer Shiraishi Mariana shooting place can not be translated if I find it in my home husband … Doki Doki 3SEX at home (September 5)
  • Mariana Shiraishi Ultra High Grade Wife Miss Soap (October 10)
  • Mariana Shiraishi × Complete Gachinko Amateur Children’s Inserter Insertion (November 9)
  • Middle school student who sees delicious juice thoroughly Mamoru Shiraishi drowned in sex change SEX (December 5)


  • UNBALANCE (August 21, 2013, Shinsha Shrine, Photography: Yusuke Miura) ISBN 978 - 4575305616
  • Primary color (October 21, 2014, Shinsha Shrine, Photography: Kazuyoshi Hamada) ISBN 978 - 4575307719
  • Thanks! Mam (25th August 2015, Saiwako Publishing Edition, Photography: Hiroyoshi Saiki) ISBN 978-4775605677